Searching for a Superintendent

To the Editor:

I am responding to the article “Superintendent search sputters” (Bayonne Community News, June 13, 2019). The elected Bayonne School Board Trustees had two years to find another superintendent after they voted to dump the former superintendent, Dr. Patricia McGeehan in December 2016.

The Interim Superintendent, Dr. Michael Wanko, was not permitted to extend his contract for one more year by the district officials of the state Department of Education. Who are these district officials to refuse to work together with the Bayonne trustees? Where is the NJ Association of School Administrators’ list of potential Interim Superintendents to chose from that the trustees asked for? The HYA search firm that the trustees hired for about $55,000 stated that over forty percent of all superintendents in New Jersey are interim. What’s one more interim for one more year? Even our Interim Superintendent Dr. Wanko got dumped too.

Board President Joseph Broderick stated at the meeting the following: “For whatever reason, they denied the three year term for Dr. Wanko,” Trustee Maria Valado is quoted in this article, “Hopefully, we’ll have someone by June 10 or by the end of the month.” Will this someone look out for the taxpayers who have to pay for everything in the Bayonne Schools?

Evelyn Sabol