Border tragedies used by Dems in a fake crisis?

Dear Editor:

Recently we saw a terrible tragedy. A father and his daughter died during an attempt to come to the United States. It’s terrible, just terrible. Do you think any politician who used their tragedy as a press conference will go to the funeral? No. Do you think any politician who used a picture of them deceased at Congress will see the rest of the family is taken care of? No.

Just months ago, every Democrat banded together, including Speaker Pelosi, Sen. Shumer, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Mayor DeBlasio, Beto O’Rourke, our own local representatives and even the Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez to declare there was no crisis and it was manufactured and fake. They all stated it was a fiction.

When President Trump was asking for more money at the border for the crisis, every single Democrat showed how out of touch they really are and how deep their hatred is for the president. They will just not agree, while lives are being lost, and instead continue to say out loud they care about immigrants, but when it comes to action, do nothing and delay because they cannot work in a bi-partisan manner in order to do the right thing and make the right call. They just cannot give an inch for those seeking a better life.

Does anyone think now, they will admit they were wrong? Of course they will not because they are all cowards and should be ashamed. Why not admit fault? Are they above honesty? We were taught as children, “admit when you are wrong”. They cannot admit they were wrong and that is what adults who were voted in by the citizens should do. Admit their faults and fight harder for compromise not more division. When will we the people see through this?

Let’s hope that the recently passed Senate bill that granted $4.6 billion for help at border helps for now but we can only hope a comprehensive bill comes out in the near future. Every president has promised a solution but not one has delivered. This bill should include tackling the issue of reducing level of mass immigration, tightening asylum status, but also include new ideas of asylum status. Immigrants should be able to apply at home in the embassy and with new policies, procedures and technology, help to speed up the process. Let’s use common sense and work with everyone so all have an equal opportunity to come to the US, but the process must be followed, it’s the law. A country is not a country without borders and laws.

We should all be blessed to live in the greatest country in the world and it’s a shame what politics has become, an egotistical playground for idiots.

John Milan Sebik