FBI-gate, wasted time and taxpayer dollars

We all waited for the Mueller report, and the recent Mueller hearing, so that the Democratic Party can prove its case and finally have evidence as investigated by the FBI.

After thousands of interviews, two years of waiting, $30 million taxpayer dollars and a hearing, it’s a nothing burger. It’s probably safe to say Mueller didn’t even write the report based on his answers and confusion. Of course, certain items were cherry-picked to fit the narrative because no one can give up now.

Instead of introducing valid life-changing legislation to fix our country, mostly all in the Democratic Party have wasted taxpayer dollars with airtime and accusations. The only people who made money on this waste were the media, who all fell behind this lie for numbers. All we all hear in the news is the smearing of Trump and all he does and his family.

When will people really start to tell their elected representatives to be done already and move forward with good binding, agreeable legislation for the benefit of all and not only of undocumented migrants? We hear every politician saying they are fighting for the middle class every day, but where is the legislation?

The economy has been growing and jobs are plentiful across the United States, except here in New Jersey. According to a recent report by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, New Jersey was in the bottom four states, achieving only 1.8 percent growth. We see nothing in New Jersey because the only answer to every issue is raise taxes and increase regulations. And a good percentage of politicians are not considered a middle-class taxpayer or even in that tax bracket.

Where do we go from here? The real actual investigation should be starting with the origins of the Steele Dossier. Next should be the infiltration of the DOJ and FBI of political appointees who were clearly working on a partisan line and not the line of justice. The abuse of power and the rogue FBI’s misuse of the so-called Steele Dossier is certainly not in line with normal operating procedure.

In addition, how about a forensic, audit of the DNC servers that were supposedly hacked? Bill Binney, the former Technical Director of the NSA, even stated that the download speed from the hack could never be obtained from a remote location, and the hack was done by a local device. Mueller gave zero evidence that Russia did anything, and the 12 Russians indicted was for show only and not even related to the investigation.

Why is it that both parties won’t engage in true principled debate on substantive issues such as immigration, healthcare, the border, education, and infrastructure? The only thing consistent about politics is the infighting and negative rhetoric. No one wants to give an inch to work together and the childish playpen of Congress or New Jersey for that matter.

John Milan Sebik