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How to stay woke?

Have you noticed how the Left Resistance groups – the “WOKE” like AOC and her “Squad” et. al., “social identity” groups who throw around the “Racist” epithet against anyone who opposes them — contradict their own message?

The colleges and universities resound with “diversity” and “inclusion.” First off all, we would not have a “united” nation or any “community” if we embraced diversity solely on itself. Diversity is good when it is held and understood as “respect” and “love” for one another, but not as the chief governing aspect of community; and “inclusion” is their other Woke buzzword, but how can we have “inclusion” when they’re embracing 100 percent “diversity” and calling for all minority, race, gender, religious, ethnic, political groups to be “separate” and distinct from one another with their own identity. It won’t WOKE happen.

These are profound contradictions. I was raised in America in the 1950s and was taught to love every person regardless of their race, religion, color, ethnic background, country of origin, and other factors having to do with all human beings. And that was an American value taught to us in church, school, family, and shared by friends; our whole domestic environs held that same sense of American community all so commonly taught in each and everyone one of us.

What bound us together was a common sense of history that our country (which we were taught in family, church, and school) went through, and how America became the beaming light of Freedom, Equality, and Liberty for the world — and the pride it gave us as individuals was shared between each and everyone of us — an American common bond that united us together under one flag.

They speak loudly about “inclusion” — the same “inclusion” they call for but have very little of — that will be their downfall — in other words, they will “cannibalistically” eradicate their own WOKE.

Notice how all the “WOKE” groups use “Racial Profiling” to judge all Americans (especially white men), but at the same time accuse others of “racially profiling” them and their groups.

We rejected those ideas and actions in America long ago when we fought through a Civil War and had many conflicts over racial discrimination followed with legislation passed for treating people equally and not for how they look or for immutable traits like race or gender or sex or another uncontrollable characteristic a person is born with.

Yet, they openly judge all Americans by the color of their skin, how they look, what religion they believe, what gender they are, what politics they have, and many other uncontrollable factors, traits, and characteristics that a human being is born with and by Free Will decides for him/her own self. This backward “Racism” and “Bigotry” will one day soon backfire on them. Why? Because there really isn’t any real community of “inclusion” without one common goal under one common identity — albeit, call it the flag!

John Amato

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