Hillary Owns The Hate Republicans Franchise


Dear Editor:

Hillary Clinton started the whole Hate-Republicans Franchise with her “Basket of Irredeemable Deplorables” & they’re “Beyond Redemption.” She owns that personal/political animus & defamation all her own. And now it’s escalated into Maxine Waters, Joaquin Castro and others in Congress, the Media and Celebrity Elites instigating violence towards Republicans by putting more and more ‘wood of enmity’ on the fire of personal/political discord by calling out Republicans in public places and putting them in danger.

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Joe Biden and Cory Booker, two unprecedented POTUS candidates, wanting to punch out Trump. Take Antifa’s violent outbursts of anarchy and hatred against innocent people, denying free speech to all except their own. And now Mitch McConnell being tormented at his home, calling for “Stabbing him in the heart.”

And what @Hollywood about to release “The Hunt” where Leftist Elites hunt down Republicans!

Hillary started all of this. This is not a Republican problem, or a national problem, or a gun control problem, or a mental health problem. This is a Democratic Party Problem. This is not politics anymore—it’s sociopathic behavior derived from the Left 1) Losing in ’16, 2) Trump Hatred.

The Democrats Own This & They Are The Ones Who Must Discourage, Dampen & Suppress this Violence Toward ANY GROUP – or Else There Will Be “CIVIL DISORDER” to claim back Responsible Constitutional Democracy in America.

John Amato