What matters most to Melissa Godesky-Rodriguez

Dear Editor:

I am Melissa Godesky-Rodriguez and I am running for a 3-year term on The Bayonne Board of Education. I was born and raised in Bayonne and a product of the Bayonne School system. I am currently a retail manager and have been for 10+ years managing multi-million-dollar locations. I am the Vice President of the Lincoln Community School PTO, a community fundraiser and volunteer, a volunteer coach with the Bayonne Recreation Youth Running Program, and a recent recipient of the Danan Hughes Give Back Award. In 2017, I was the recipient of the Caring and Sharing Award for Lincoln Community School. Most importantly, I am a Mother.
I have spent the past 3 years attending Bayonne Board of Education workshops and public meetings, advocating for special needs programs, services, and resources. Discussing the need for more access to field trips and outside of the class experiences, questioning our food services, and inquiring about open roles in our district.
I believe that our School District still has plenty of progress that needs to made. There is money being wasted, and grants that are being ignored at the Bayonne Board of Education, that will change immediately if I am elected. With the recent spike in development in the City of Bayonne, I believe that the Bayonne Board of Education should be doing more to prepare for a large influx of students into our district. Our Schools are out dated and becoming over crowded. We need effective Long-Term solutions for this, consisting of 1,5,10, and 15 year plans. We need better community engagement partnerships between the city and Bayonne Board of Education for all of us to be successful.
Looking at the Arts and Trades is a must. Are we truly providing the options for our students to be successful? With all of this in mind, student achievement and retaining our best educators are on the top of my priority list.
I am running for The Bayonne Board of Education because we need progress and we need to spend wisely. Making more effective decisions when it comes to the spending is a must. This starts with accountability and transparency. I have no conflicts and will be able to vote on every important issue that impacts the district and taxpayers. Most importantly, I will never vote to spend your tax dollars on something that doesn’t give us the maximum return on our investment in order to enhance services for our children, and protect the taxpayers of the City of Bayonne. Unlike, many of the other candidates, I do not work for the city, the county, and I do not sit on any other municipal boards.
Please consider this when you vote on November 5th for the next Board of Education Trustees. You may not have a child in the school or you do, you may be an educator, or a taxpayer….these decisions will impact you.
Please visit my Facebook Page: GodeskyRodriguezForBBOED

Melisssa Godesky-Rodriguez