Climate Legislation for Everybody?

Dear Editor:

Climate change used to be a bipartisan concern; President George H. W. Bush openly supported the issue in public addresses. But the media, the economy, and politics have all changed drastically since the late 80s, and now we’re told to be “for” or “against” climate change depending on our political learnings. We were all outside playing on the proverbial swings together, then our parents called us inside and forbade us to hang out with the other neighborhood kids anymore.
This is why I almost fell off the proverbial slide when I read that the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, a bill in the House of Representatives, has both Republican and Democratic cosponsors.
To borrow a meme from the late President Bush:
“Read my lips: It’s bipartisan!”
Am I weird for thinking that’s a huge deal? The reason seems to be that this bill sticks to the basics, employing strategies eminent economists have recommended for ages. It also stops any collected funds from going to the government, sending them instead directly back into citizens’ pockets, which everybody likes. I’m so excited, I’m spreading the word!
Hopefully this is a sign of more sociopolitical reconciliation to come. Jungle gym, anyone?

Evan Quinlan