Join me in becoming a Liberal/Progressive Republican

Dear Editor:

I am going to enjoy being a new “Liberal/Progressive” Republican.
The party needs to appeal more to groups that it has little appeal to now, and it needs to care more about these groups, especially at the national level. If it does not, then the party will probably become the national minority party beginning around 2042-2044 when over 50 percent of the USA will become “non-white”.
I will fight for the national Republican Party to not be in favor of making cuts to federal government social programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, College Student Loans, and Unemployment Insurance Benefits. I will fight for the national Republican Party not to have so many Republican Party members of Congress who want to abolish these programs. Recent research indicates that that most Americans who are Republicans are much less conservative on these issues than are the Republican members of Congress.
I will also fight for the national Republican Party to stand strongly against white-nationalism and sexism.
I will fight for the national Republican Party to stand strongly in favor of total equality for women including being in favor of equal pay for equal work for women and being in favor of heavily-fining people (mostly men) who commit sexual harassment and all forms of sexual abuse and sexual assault as well as imprisoning these evil perpetrators.
I say this as as a man who is still the same person as I was in the 1970s when I was the first male Sociology Ph.D. student in all of Canada to take and pass the Ph.D. comprehensive area specialization examination in “Women’s Studies.” I did this even though the examining committee did not want a man to take this examination. I am still certified and qualified to teach college courses in “Women’s Studies.” But, apparently this was not good enough for some women in the national Democratic Party. Some literally laughed at me for having done it, casually and flippantly and disrespectfully dismissing it and trivializing it as being “insignificant” even though it took me 11 months to compete the exam which required me to submit over 200 typed pages of responses to questions while the women who took the exam were required to submit 40 pages of responses.
Lastly, I will fight for the party to support a federal government national health insurance plan/program that is the same as that of Ontario, Canada, but not “Medicare-For-All” which would bankrupt our country.
I look forward to trying to make the national Republican Party more humane, caring, and compassionate.

Stewart B. Epstein