The injurious effect and ramifications of Pelosi/Schiff/Nadler on the presidency and the Republic

Dear Editor:

With the error-filled avoidance of the constitutional impeachment by the Democrat House of Representatives, they have weaponized “Impeachment” instead of utilizing the courts and due process when the separation of powers are in dispute — as outlined by the Framers and Hamilton in the Federalist Papers.

I believe it will serve the GOP and our nation a most serious lesson and chapter in the Republic “if” and “when” a Democrat president should win and govern with a Republican House majority.

The number one concern would be: will retribution and vengeance serve the nation well or the party? Neither, I say, but will serve to divide us even more; but if it does happen, I believe it will present in itself a public countermeasure to the “error” in democracy that has breached the presidency and separation of powers in that we the people who retain and control the “permanent” government will ultimately remove those elected officials who espouse and campaign on the “benefits of Impeachment” solely out of a cult of personality and/or opposing political ideology.

If We the People, thereby, get the message across to would-be politicians that we will not tolerate this most serious breech in our presidency and Republic; but it will take generations to repair, if indeed, it is repairable.

John Amato