Dear China, Welcome!

Dear Editor:

In response to John Amato’s “Dear China, Goodbye,” Mar. 19:

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When the Deep State wants to start a war, Cold or Hot, to crush an economic rival, it gets a mouthpiece, such as CNN or the NY Times, to begin bad-mouthing that rival, and Mr. Amato, I’m afraid, has imbibed too deeply of that media poison.

His last contribution to this page was to list all the great things Donald Trump has supposedly done for this country, and now he blames China for lots of bad stuff, starting with the Coronavirus which Trump and media, to deflect criticism of their own shortcomings, call the “China virus”. Many people say that the virus didn’t originate in China, that it was brought there; but since media never tells us the truth, we may never know how or where it originated.

But this we do know: that the U.S. (not China) has more than 800 military bases around the world, that it spends ten times more on “defense” than any other country; that the U.S., in its longest war (18 years) in Afghanistan, lied constantly, for years, to the American people about the progress of that unwinnable war; that the U.S. lied about Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction” as an excuse to invade that country, resulting in millions dead and displaced and trillions of dollars of debt to American taxpayers; and that when Italy, in agony over hundreds of Coronavirus deaths every day, pleaded for help, it was not the U.S., but two of our Deep State “enemies”, China (and Russia), who answered the call.

T. Weed


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