Save Braddock Park!

Dear Editor:

Nearly 1.5 years ago, North Bergen voters approved a bond to enable the purchase of High Tech HS so that preschoolers would move out of 17 old, dangerous trailers in Braddock Park and into school buildings.

North Bergen still has not purchased the High Tech building and the township has announced it won’t meet NJDEP’s directive to move the school out of Braddock Park before August 31, 2021.

Now, the National Park Service has bowed to political pressure. NPS plans on allowing part of Braddock Park to be developed for non-recreational purposes.

This is an outrage.

Braddock Park has been protected from non-recreational development for decades, that is until 2001 when North Bergen defied state and federal regulations and moved the trailer preschool into Braddock Park, even though residents voted in 2000 referendum to not build a high school in Braddock Park.

These old trailers have also violated state safety regulations; two burned down in a storm, yet officials continue to say they are safe.

Tell these officials BEFORE APRIL 15 you don’t want Braddock Park to allow any non-recreational development in Braddock Park and the preschool needs to leave the park by August 31, 2021:

Also, please sign the petition and tell others:

Robert Walden