Save Braddock Park!

Dear Editor:

The petition to SAVE BRADDOCK PARK has gained approximately 200 new signatures in just days. You can find it at

North Bergen-Hudson County wants National Park Service laws which protected Braddock Park from development to be transferred to two poorly conceived new parks: The River Road park is not usable by the public because it is steep and unmaintained with jungle-like growth.
The Paterson Plank Road park is on a hill prone to landslides; half will be closed to the public.

Both parks were built to penalize North Bergen for illegally using Braddock Park land for its preschool. NB-HC misinformed the National Park Service about how much land the preschool used in Braddock Park; the conversion of a parking lot was forgotten.

Tell NPS LWCF the conversion of Braddock Park must stop – email:

Jack Howard
Lynch, Joel