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Honor Our First Responders On Memorial Day

Dear Editor:

John Di Genio is correct. Memorial Day is a time to remember those courageous individuals who gave their lives to protect and defend our endearing and enduring values. Today, we are faced with a deadly unseen threat that has encumbered our way of life.

That being said, for this upcoming Memorial Day, I’d like to respectfully suggest that all of us take some time to remember, to honor, and to express our heartfelt thanks to our fearless first responders – Police officers, paramedics, firemen, medical professionals, care providers, and the many others – who selflessly gave their lives to help others during this health emergency.

Without a single doubt, the above mentioned dedicated individuals sacrificed their lives to help save the lives of others during this health crisis. The arduous efforts and dedication to duty of our fearless first responders during this pandemic have been truly amazing and praiseworthy. Their commendable actions on the “front lines” of this battle against a deadly virus have saved countless lives.

On Memorial Day, we should remember and honor our first responders for their bravery and heroism during this pandemic. May God bless and protect each and every one of them!

Albert J. Cupo

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