Hoboken open streets returns this Sunday


Due to the popularity of the program, Hoboken will expand its open street program to offer residents room to socially distance on Sunday May 24, according to City spokesperson Vijay Chaudhuri.

Park Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic from Church Square Park to 10th Street. 10th Street will also be closed from Park Avenue to Columbus Park.

The streets will be closed from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. so that pedestrians and cyclist are able to move about more easily while maintaining a distance of six feet from one another and relieve overcrowding of public parks and spaces.

While the street is open, walking, jogging, and biking are permitted, but congregating is prohibited. Face masks should be worn at all times.

Traffic control officers (TCOs) will be on hand to assist residents in vehicles who need access to enter or exit their garages. Residents do not need to move their parked vehicles  before Sunday, and they will also be able to access their vehicles.