It Is Time To Face-Down Sexual Harassers

Dear Editor:

I have just become a member of an organization called “Times Up.” I am a lot like the character of “Ralph Kramden” from the old television series called “The Honeymooners” in that I can sometimes be a jerk and an idiot. But eventually, in the end, I do the right thing.

“Times Up” is an organization that fights against sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sex discrimination. It is primarily an organization that fights for women’s equality and women’s rights, and on behalf of women’s issues.

I will be damned if I am going to allow an annoying and irritating bunch of “man-haters” and “male-bashers” to stop me from fighting for what I have always believed in and fought for since I was three years old. I am sick and tired and totally fed-up with my fellow males who hurt, abuse, and traumatize women. I am more than willing and able to “FACE-DOWN” these cowardly bullies. This is the hill that I am willing to die on. They don’t scare me or intimidate me at all.

So, any and all man-haters and male-bashers can go ahead and continue to mock me, laugh at me, demean and belittle me and dismiss the fact that I was the first male Sociology Ph.D. student in all of Canada in the 1970s to take and pass the Sociology Ph.D. comprehensive area specialization examination in “Women’s Studies” having been required to submit over 200 typed pages of examination answers while all of the women who took it were only required to submit 40 typed pages of answers.

They can continue to tell me that this accomplishment and achievement is “meaningless” because they believe that women’s issues have changed a lot since then and that I am somehow out-of-touch.

They can knock themselves out using me as their scapegoat and “whipping-boy.”
I am going to keep on doing what I believe in, and I am going to keep on fighting for what I believe to be right.

Stewart B. Epstein