Obey. Shut up. Bend the knee

Dear Editor:

John Di Genio and Albert Cupo, in Diversity Matters (Hudson Reporter, June 9) rightly praise an America in which “everyone’s voice matters”. However, as Orwell shows in his book Animal Farm, “All are equal but some are more equal than others.”

All voices in America are no longer equal. Indeed, some voices are not allowed to be heard at all, because the media has foisted upon us a new religion, Floydocracy. Just as, in the Middle Ages, Galileo could not say out loud that the Earth traveled around the sun, and not vice versa, (lest he be punished by the Orthodoxy), so today one cannot critique or criticize Black Lives Matter.

Not even in one of our most prestigious universities, U. of California at Berkeley, where a black professor of history wrote such a letter to his colleagues,…anonymously. Anonymously, for fear of being fired for speaking his mind.

Before this new religion, we Americans depended upon our intellectual elite in colleges to discuss the issues of our day openly. No longer. Now it’s obey. Shut up. Bend the knee.

(The letter, “U.C. Berkeley History Professor’s Open Letter against BLM” can be found at ZeroHedge, June 13)

T. Weed