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North Bergen gathering stories for COVID-19 time capsule

The Historical Society came up with the idea to preserve the historic year's events

As New Jersey continues with Phase 2 of reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some locals are already looking to memorialize the historic time period. In North Bergen, the Historical Society has thought of a unique way to preserve the essence of 2020: a time capsule.

The North Bergen Historical Society (NBHS) has come up with the idea of a coronavirus time capsule as a “great community activity” and an “amazing way to preserve our memories of this year’s historic pandemic.”

Participating in history

Residents may send a postcard to the NBHS to contribute to the time capsule. Residents should describe what quarantine has been like for them.

Spare no details. Residents are urged to write about everything they experienced during the pandemic: the highs, the lows, the good times, the bad.

“Give future North Bergeners a glimpse into the most unprecedented event of our lifetime,” the society said.

For those in search of inspiration, the society has created some questions.

Residents are asked to observe what they notice that’s different, how they feel, how did the quarantine affect them and their families and what are their hopes for the future?

Or residents can write full stories about their time during quarantine. Either way, their postcards are valid for the time capsule.

Postcards should be sent or dropped off at the North Bergen Public Library, 8411 Bergenline Avenue or 2123 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

The postcards will be on display before being added to the North Bergen COVID-19 Time Capsule.

The capsule will be set to open in 2120.

For those who would like to tell a longer story, residents may leave a contact email or number so a NBHS member can arrange for an interview.

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