Dear Editor:

Kena Dijiba has not one, but two Letters in the Reporter, the first explaining her defection from the Democrats, the second expressing her disgust at how Bernie Sanders was cheated out of the 2016 nomination by Hillary supporters, and again in 2020 by Bidenites.

Well, Miss Dijiba is only 20 years old, just beginning her political education, and the older and wiser she becomes, she will realize that–Sanders/Schmanders–it makes little difference who’s in the White House, because whoever it is, he’s only a puppet of the Deep State.

Sanders talked a good talk and seduced many, but the record shows that he was not a real peace candidate, as was Tulsi Gabbard, who didn’t have a chance in a country addicted to–lives on–war and aggression.

Sanders approved Bill Clinton’s war in Kosovo. He approved Obama’s and Hillary’s destruction of Libya, the most prosperous and enlightened country in Africa. He supported Obama’s destruction of Syria in an attempt to oust its legitimate President, Assad. He joined Hillary and the other Dems in their efforts to re-start the Cold War with Russia in Ukraine, calling Russia’s President Vladimir Putin a “thug”, and criticizing Trump’s efforts to have friendlier relations with that country.

So the fact that Sanders, flawed as he is, was our best choice of a bad lot (I agree with Dijiba), indicates how hopeless our choices have become.

T. Weed