Please Support The Living Donor Protection Act

Dear Editor:

Unfortunately, my father Gerry Condon passed away on Nov. 26, 2015 after an eight-month battle with kidney disease. To honor my father and to help bring awareness to kidney disease patients, I am climbing the Seven Summits (tallest mountain on each continent). I came up just short of summitting Mount Everest in 2017 but I will continue that challenge to completion, just as I continue my kidney disease advocacy as an Ambassador for the American Kidney Fund.

I urge Assemblyman McKeon and all New Jersey lawmakers to support the Living Donor Protection Act, AB3199, so that folks can get a new lease on life. Getting a kidney transplant is generally the best treatment for someone suffering from kidney failure. For those who can receive one, it literally changes the course of their life. We should do everything we can to help get kidneys to those who need them.

It is already a challenge getting people to become organ donors. If someone is willing to provide a lifesaving transplant, they should not have any trepidation due to fear of skyrocketing health and life insurance rates, or outright rejections of coverage. There are no long-term side effects of kidney donations so insurance rates should not change because of someone’s generosity.

Let’s make this the year that New Jersey joins many other states in passing living organ donor protections.

Justin Condon