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New warehouse to bring jobs to Bayonne

Hundreds of jobs may come to the city

An aerial rendering of the new warehouse below the Delta self-storage facility.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Bayonne Boom continues with various types of new construction.

On Sept. 8, the Bayonne Planning Board approved a new warehouse near the former Marine Ocean Terminal at Bayonne (MOTBY). The “flex-use” warehouse will be constructed at 71 New Hook Road by Sixth Wave Logistics.

The planning board approved other redevelopment projects, including two six-story residential buildings and two billboards.

‘Flex-use’ warehouse

The new warehouse will be constructed on part of the current site of the Delta self-storage facility.

The planning board adopted a resolution that will adjust the lot line and allow for the demolition of part of the self-storage facility. The new warehouse will be built on the parking lot between Lefante Way to the north and New Hook Road to the south.

It will be more than 195,000 square feet with two 10,000-square-feet office spaces on both sides. The term “flex-use” refers to its use as an office and warehouse.

Three basins will be constructed for storm water management. They will restrict storm water from going into the Lefante Way system as well as New Hook Road. The site will be lifted to avoid flooding.

While there is no tenant yet, it is assumed that operations at the warehouse would be 24/7.

There will 148 parking spaces on the east side of the building. On the west side, there will be a truck court to unload materials into the warehouse.

Traffic and sidewalk issues

Commissioners were worried about traffic because tractor trailers and trucks can enter the truck court from both Lefante Way and New Hook Road. The developer clarified that while both sides of the truck court are entrances, most truck drivers will use Lefante Way as an entrance and New Hook Road as an exit.

Commissioner Sharon Ashe-Nadrowksi asked how many jobs would be created by the project.

A project expert estimated that a regional warehouse for distribution would create a few hundred jobs.

Ashe-Nadrowski pointed to the lack of public benefit with the project, suggesting the developer add sidewalks along the property. She said that since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are walking, and they need to be accommodated.

Chairwoman Karen Fiermonte echoed Ashe-Nadrowski’s call for sidewalks.

Experts agreed that if a grant intended to help construct sidewalks on New Hook Road does not cover the cost, the developer would pay for sidewalks.

A bird’s-eye view of MOTBY

Redevelopment plan amended

The planning board also amended the Peninsula Redevelopment Plan that encompasses MOTBY, marking the 13th amendment to the plan since 1999. The board expanded the Maritime District into the Loft District and the Landing District.

The plan was last revised in December of 2018. At the June 17 city council meeting, a resolution was adopted directing the planning board to make the appropriate amendment.

The Maritime District has expanded from 131 to 146 acres. The boundary extension recognizes that Lincoln Equities acquired additional acres from the Port Authority land.

The redevelopment plan was also amended to allow for a ferry parking facility near the future ferry terminal. Previously, stand-alone parking facilities were prohibited in all districts at MOTBY.

The city and Lincoln Equities have been working for many years to support economic development, jobs, and the creation of more facilities, City Planner Suzanne Mack said at the meeting.

The next planning board meeting will be held virtually via TetherView on Oct. 13 at 6 p.m. Residents who want to attend must register beforehand at bayonnenj.org.

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