Getting Ready for Winter 2020-2021

The official start of winter is just a month away. It is a good time to look at what the City of Bayonne has done to get ready for it.

We have more than two dozen plows that can work on all kinds of streets.  The City of Bayonne already has a full supply of salt on hand for our salt trucks.  We will have access to additional salt as needed.

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The Public Works Department has more than three dozen workers who are capable of plowing snow for multiple shifts.  They are the best Public Works crew in the metropolitan area. When the snow arrives, we can stagger their hours, so that we can assign workers to plowing around the clock.  We have some smaller salting trucks available to respond to such emergencies as water main breaks.  It is important to respond to water-related emergencies in freezing temperatures before they become major.

There are some important things that the public can do to help us in the winter.  Please do not double-park, because double-parked cars can prevent emergency vehicles from getting down our streets.  Please do not throw shoveled snow onto the streets, because that undoes the work of our plows.  If you have elderly or disabled neighbors, please do what you can to help shovel their sidewalks.  If there is a fire hydrant in front of your building, we would appreciate your help removing the snow from around it.  If you have a corner property, we would welcome your assistance in clearing the walkway of snow at the crosswalk.  We urge all property owners to follow the municipal ordinance that requires the removal of snow within 48 hours of the snowfall.  If you are unable to remove ice from the sidewalk, you have an obligation to sand it or salt it.

The Bayonne Office of Emergency Management (OEM) advises all residents to follow the Fire Chief’s safety tips, including never to use power strips or extension cords with space heaters. We also want to remind residents to enroll in the City of Bayonne SwiftReach911 system. This will enable you to get important information via robocall and text messages (enable SMS message feature for texts). We use Swift911, the City website, Facebook, and Twitter to help keep our residents informed.

Thanks in advance for working with the City of Bayonne to help get us all safely through the upcoming winter.


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