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More police officers on patrol this holiday season

Chief Geisler said shoppers with cash are prime targets

Members of the Bayonne Police Department patrol 16th Street Park on Halloween. Photo courtesy of the Office of Emergency Management.

Bayonne Chief of Police Robert Geisle said additional officers will be on patrol via police cruisers, bicycles, and by foot. The officers will be stationed around the shopping district, transit hubs, and high traffic areas to ensure safety during the holiday season.

More plain clothes officers in unmarked vehicles will be on patrol to combat package thefts and break-ins.

According to Geisler, criminals commit more crimes during the holidays because people carry more money and valuables.

Safety tips

Do not carry excess cash in your wallet; just what you need.

Do not leave valuables unattended in a vehicle; if you must leave valuables in a vehicle, leave them in the trunk.

For gifts or recent purchases left in the trunk of a vehicle, take the receipt with you. Safely dispose of receipts and other papers with identifying information.

Always lock your vehicle. Park in a well-lit area and be aware of your surroundings.

Always carry a cell phone. Notify the police if you see someone suspicious or notify security if inside a store.

Do not keep your wallet, credit cards, or cash in a backpack. If you are wearing a backpack and walking in a crowd, wear the backpack on the front of your body.

“Pickpockets can easily remove stuff from a backpack without you noticing,” Geisler said.

Beware of cyber criminals

Cyber criminals aggressively create new ways to steal personal information during the holidays.

Never provide personal information to unsolicited callers or emails. Do not even respond to unsolicited emails or answer unsolicited calls.

Do not click on links found in an unsolicited email. Instead of clicking the link in the email, check out the website directly to verify if the email is genuine.

Beware of emails claiming to have pictures attached to a file that needs to be downloaded. Do not download any files; they may contain viruses.

Open emails only from known senders. Scan attachments for viruses. Do not fill out forms in unsolicited emails that ask for personal information.

“If it looks too good to be true, it probably is,” Geisler said.

Preventing package theft

Have packages delivered to storage lockers, to your job, to a relative or friend who will be home to receive them, or to the store for pickup.

Ask for signature confirmation upon delivery or for the deliverer to put the package out of view.

Track the package to know when it will arrive.

Take photos of high value items and record serial numbers. If the items are stolen, it will help the police with their investigation and help with insurance claims, Geisler said.

If you own a security camera and see something suspicious, share it with the BPD. Geisler asks residents to join the security camera registry.

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