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A Weed Pops Up in Hoboken

Dear Editor:

Dear editor:
Yes, it’s winter, snow lies everywhere, but a new Weed has appeared and it will soon join the other Weeds on the table at our wonderful bookstore, Symposia. It is called “Roped & Hog Tied”. Its introduction:

Heretofore, from 1985 to 2015, I have published three collections, each representing a decade of letters from myself and others published in the Hoboken Reporter (and elsewhere):

“Enough Rope” 1985 to 1995
“More Rope” 1995 to 2005, and
“Dang ‘Em, Hang ‘Em” 2005 to 2015

But this volume collects only half a decade’s worth, 2016 to 2020. Why only five years of
letters? Because I have grown old and 2025 might come without my help. So, simple vanity dictates that I publish these missives while I still have a chance to see them in print.

Simple vanity? Yes, the very human desire to leave behind a good reputation, “the last infirmity of a noble mind”, such as vanity has been called by John Milton and, probably, the Greeks.

Noble my mind is not; infirm, probable.

T. Weed, January 2021


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