Climate Fear

Dear Editor:

While government is talking about green energy and the limited time line for humanity and planet earth, I would like to post some of previous predictions that did not happen: 1966 oil will be gone in ten years, 1967 there will be a famine by 1975 due to increasing population in the US, 1970 urban citizens will need gas mask by 1985, and 1970, there will be an ice age by the year 2000. Lastly, my favorite prediction, 1988, the Maldives Island will be under water by 2018.

These predictions were made by people with degrees after their names so I can understand why today’s youth are concerned about climate change today.

I want to point out that climate has always changed, there are dried up river beds all over planet earth that had bodies of water before humans roamed the planet. From 900 to 1300 AD, Europe was in a warming period to the extent England grew crops found in warmer places. Finally, the US in the 1930s had a warming period that affected the mid-west, it is from that period that great novel, “The Grapes of Wrath” was based on.

While activists blame Hurricane Sandy for climate change in 2012, there was a major hurricane in the 1890s in New York that wiped out Hog Island, yet no one had cars burning gasoline.

I don’t mind predictions but I do mind how climate predictions will affect our wallets, as it is European countries have taxed their citizens who now pay twice or more what US citizens pay for gas. Many people do not have jobs and green tax will just keep more people in poverty. It will affect the price of food and how we heat our homes. The Biden administration will allow China and India to have a pass on their carbon emissions at the expense of US citizens.

If you lived through the 1950s and 1960s as I have, then the NY/NJ area has cleaner water and air compared to the past, so thanks should be given to the US laws that protected our air and water.

Instead of putting the pressure on the US citizens which is 5 percent of the world population, put pressure on the polluters like China and India. Just stop importing goods from those countries and it would be in their interest to clean up their act.

Yvonne Balcer