WNY to crackdown on illegal fireworks usage

Other Hudson County towns have already banned the pyrotechnics

Fireworks can no longer be set off on sidewalks or streets. Photo by Fibs.Z via Shutterstock
Fireworks can no longer be set off on sidewalks or streets. Photo by Fibs.Z via Shutterstock

The West New York Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance that cracks down on illegal fireworks after an increase in noise complaints in 2020 and again in 2021.

The town “received an overwhelming amount of noise complaints, and other quality of life and safety complaints arising from the use of pyrotechnics both lawful and unlawful within the Town at all hours of the day and night often in a manner that would cause annoyance, alarm and injury to persons and the dangers of fires and explosions to property and obstruction of the public rights of way,” according to the ordinance.

Fireworks cannot be set off between 7 p.m. and 10 a.m., or at any other time or place, “which annoys or disturbs the quiet, comfort or repose of persons in any office, dwelling, hotel, motel or other type of residence or of any persons in the vicinity.”

The ordinance prohibits fireworks from being set off on any public sidewalk, alley, street, avenue, boulevard, road, or other right of way in West New York, as well as any public park or recreation area.

The ordinance bans the open burning of materials caused by fireworks. The first offense for open burning is $250, the second is $500, the third is $1,000 and the fourth is $2,500.

Read the ordinance in full at: www.westnewyorknj.org/_Content/pdf/ordinances/Ord1421.pdf.

Countywide crackdown

West New York joins other Hudson County municipalities that have tried to curb fireworks, including Jersey City, Hoboken, and Union City.

Union City cracked down on fireworks this June after being subject to a nonstop barrage at all hours of the day. According to the city, the complaints ranged from noise to potential fire hazards.

The ordinance placed an 8- to-10 p.m. curfew on fireworks. No fireworks will be permitted on public sidewalks, streets, or roadways.

Violations of the ordinance can result in $250 fines or court appearances.

The ordinance is not intended to limit the sale or use of legal sparklers and other novelty fireworks, according to the city, but is meant to prevent “improper use, noise disturbances, and to protect people and or property.”

All explosive and aerial fireworks are illegal in New Jersey.

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