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Back to School Again

Another school year is about to begin in the time of the Coronavirus. Everyone must do so with special regard for the health of our students.  Following Governor Murphy’s recent executive order, Superintendent of Schools John Niesz announced that all occupants of Bayonne School District buildings must wear face masks.  All New Jersey school personnel must get vaccinated or take COVID tests at least once or twice a week.

In a message to parents and guardians on August 19, Superintendent Niesz urged them to vaccinate all students age 12 and over against the Coronavirus.  I join with him in urging all parents and guardians to get themselves and other eligible household members vaccinated.  In the coming months, we expect vaccines to be approved for children under 12.  When that time comes, please get those children vaccinated, too.  Vaccination is the best way to defeat the Coronavirus.

Even during these difficult times, students should do their assignments throughout the school year.  It is very important for them to work steadily, so that they will not fall behind.  Everything that students do in school will help them to get ready for their futures.  Teachers are in school to help them to learn the information and skills that they will need.

Parents and guardians of elementary school and high school students should do whatever they can to make sure that their children do their daily homework and school projects.  Parents and guardians have a special role to play in showing children that learning is still important, even under difficult circumstances.  If your children are having problems at school, communicate with their teachers and counselors as soon as possible, so that the problems can be addressed before they grow.

I would like to wish all college and university students well as you begin the semester.  Most of you have a lot to read.  Don’t let it go until the last minute.  You have a great opportunity to think about some big questions and to get ready for your future careers.  Take advantage of this opportunity.

Other students are enrolled at trade schools, in apprenticeships, or in certification programs.  Many of these programs will be online this year. I hope that students and apprentices will be able to make progress that will help their future careers.

Welcome back to school, protect your health, stay safe, and good luck with your studies!





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