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Jersey Native To Release “Serendipity” Pop Electronica Single October 2nd

Cover Art for Serendipity

Ævina is a Jersey City based artist and musician with a single coming out October 2.

“Serendipity” is a tongue-in-cheek bubblegum pop bop a la Carly Rae Jepsen (with a Dan Deacon-esque electronica nougat center) that celebrates the unique connection social media offers millennials, genzie, and all those who choose to partake in digital community. She is releasing it on October 2nd at the exact date and time of her birth because, well, “that just feels right.”

Ævina says she is especially excited to share this song because of the amazingly accomplished people she was able to work with producing, mixing and mastering it. Mike Rachlin from Sound on Sound Studios in Montclair created the backing track from Ævina’s simple ukulele chords, Victoria Seagriff produced her vocals at Rojo Sound Studios in Kenilworth, and Pete Doell of Miles Davis, Toto, Céline Dion and The Beach Boys fame mastered the final product to perfection.

Having graduated from NYU in 2015 with a BA in Sociology, Ævina’s music is lyric-heavy and genre-fluid. This marks her second single independently released since the pandemic forced her to take stock of her belongings, uncovering songs she wrote during middle school in her parents’ attic which she “still kind of” works with.

The moment she decided to release those songs, (40) new songs came spilling out of her, “Serendipity” being one of them. Ævina was inspired to write it after accumulating a number of mutual Instagram followers who grew into dear friends, despite their only having met in person (1) time – when serendipity allowed for paths to cross.

This song is a celebration of that type of virtual friendship – supportive, low maintenance, and, above all, serendipitous.

It will be available on all platforms October 2, at 11:28am. Presave / Preorder link available now. You can also follow her story on Instagram @aevinae as she works to release the other 39 new songs, not to mention the tomes she discovered in her attic, cloaked in teenage angst and woe.

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