Charles Ryan for Bayonne Board of Education

Dear Editor:

My name is Charles Ryan. I was elected to serve on the Bayonne Board of Education five years ago and now wish to return. I have a BA in History and hold a NJ Standard Teaching Certificate. I have served as an Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Deputy Chief on the Bayonne Police Department. Because of my background in Education, I oversaw the D.A.R.E. program and the Cops in Schools unit where I worked closely with the school district. As a Board Trustee, I drew on my knowledge and experience and was involved in the implementation of the new safety and security procedures the help protect our children every day.

I have been married to the former Alana Meadus for 34 years. We are the proud parents of three children: Ariane, Anissa, and Anthony. As educators, Alana and I are aware of programs, resources, and policies that affect the lives of all students and their families across the educational continuum. I have always believed in meeting students at their level. As such, I have been a staunch advocate of trying to keep students in their neighborhood schools by supporting a full inclusion model. Simply stated, this means having a teacher(s) at each grade level to provide additional help for those who require it. It also ensures that, except in certain cases, siblings remain in the same school building throughout elementary school. This ends the need for parents to drop off their children to different schools and allows the families to become part of the culture of one school.

Going forward, the greatest concern is the need for more transparency from Central Office and the Board itself. Specifically, I support the late Trustee Finnerty’s proposed Transparency resolution, requiring the Board agenda and the resolutions be posted on the Board website a minimum of 10 days prior to being voted upon. This would allow for informed public comment BEFORE an item is voted upon. It would give the public, press, and unions the opportunity to research a resolution and present reasoned, informed comments on the issue at hand. Ava and I spent many hours researching and refining the language to produce a resolution which would meet these seemingly innocuous goals. As veterans of the financial crisis, we came to realize this was needed to protect the district from backroom deals that were not in the interests of its students, employees, and taxpayers.

Finally, there is a serious need to plan for the remediation and recovery from Covid-19 crisis. Safety must not be compromised. Demand on our stress populations must be kept to a minimum. This can be done by creating ad hoc committees which include parents, teachers, professional staff, and other workers who can best determine what is needed and what is not. These people are the experts. We cannot afford to waste their talents.

As you cast your ballot, I ask for your vote: Charles Ryan 6F for Bayonne Board of Education – The Smart Choice.

Charles Ryan 6F