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Vote for Kevin Bing for a “New Day for Ward C”

Dear Editor:

Even though Tom Zuppa has endorsed Rich Boggiano, we should all keep in mind that “Rubber Stamp Richie” is still the same inept political hack that he’s always been.

The people of Ward C voted against Rich Boggiano and his machine-style politics on November 2. That said, the voters of Ward C should sustain that vote of no confidence by casting their ballots for Kevin Bing on December 7 – for a “New Day for Ward C” and for “real” progressive change.

“Rubber Stamp Richie” has been a disappointment. In one of his most bizarre episodes, he introduced ordinance and, subsequently, voted against his own legislation. “Rubber Stamp Richie” got egg smeared all over on his face when he tried to evict a Black woman from her place of business at the old police kiosk on McGinley Square.

When asked about Black Lives Matter, Boggiano’s camp responded “all lives matter.” Typically, individuals with prejudices and biases hide behind that response as a politically convenient way to avoid that question. “Rubber Stamp Richie” was the only member of the city’s council who refused to support a measure condemning Donald Trump and the insurrection he caused on January 6. Apparently, although Boggiano claims to be a Democrat, “Rubber Stamp Richie ” has a “fondness” – an empathy – toward Donald Trump and his ultra right-wing policies.

Unlike Boggiano who caters and panders to only certain groups and neighborhoods within Ward C, Kevin Bing has a vision that includes and involves everyone in making Ward C a safer, cleaner, healthier, kinder, and friendlier place to live, work, and play.

Naturally, the Boggiano-Zuppa camp unscrupulously spun that plan in an attempt to scare the constituents of Ward C into thinking that Kevin Bing would take away “their” parking spaces. Of course, “Rubber Stamp Richie” is a master at using scare tactics. He tried that in 2018 when he posted a distasteful homophobic photo of a man wearing pink shorts with matching high heels as a way to “scare” the community into turning against a woman who wanted to put on a burlesque show.

Recently, Chris Boggiano posted a Youtube video of a “homeless man” who supposedly was paid by Kevin Bing to take down Boggiano signs. However, nowhere in this 33-second video does that “homeless man” claim to have been paid by anyone to take down signs. Nor do we actually see if those signs are, in fact, Boggiano campaign posters

On November 2, the people of Ward C delivered a resounding vote of no confidence to Rich Boggiano. I urge the voters of Ward C to not be swayed by the fact that Tom Zuppa now supports the mayor’s sycophantic “Yes Man.” Regardless of the endorsement and support, “Rubber Stamp Richie” will deliver the “status quo.” And, as the ballots of November 2 clearly indicated, the people of Ward C want change.

Let’s sustain that vote of no confidence. Let’s go to the polls on December 7 and vote for Kevin Bing.

John Di Genio

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