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North Bergen decreases certain EMS fees

North Bergen EMS fees are decreasing for treatment that does not require transport. Image courtesy of the township
North Bergen EMS fees are decreasing for treatment that does not require transport. Image courtesy of the township

The North Bergen Board of Commissioners has adopted an ordinance amending fees billed by Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Township Counsel Tom Kobin broke down the details of the ordinance at the Nov. 23 board meeting.

The ordinance decreases the amount of fees charged by ambulance services. It will still cost a $1,000 base transport fee for ambulance services per trip, plus $20 per mile. However, the fee for providing treatment without transport has been reduced to $300.

“We decreased fees down from either $800 or 1000, down to 300,” Kobin said. “But then we added different types of services that are provided.”

According to Kobin, the ordinance would allow EMS to charge for other services administered by ambulance services.

“We can get reimbursement through insurance for those things,” he said. “That’s the standard, is to have these different types of things like an Epi Pen there, oxygen, cervical collars, things like that can be charged. So it decreases the transport fee but add these other sort of line items that can be billed against insurance.”

The ordinance allows services to be provided for the following fees including: $850 for a pronouncement fee; $65 for oxygen, $45 for a cervical collar; $200 for an Epi Pen; $95 for Naxolone; $300 for an extra attendant for bariatrics patients, and $200 for an RMA or refusal of medical assistance.

The board voted unanimously to approve the ordinance.

Agreement with Guttenberg

On a related subject, Mayor Nicholas Sacco requested for an update as to the agreement with next door Guttenberg under which North Bergen provides EMS. Chief Financial Officer Robert Pittfield said that Shared Services Agreement with Guttenberg is going well so far, but did not go into details.

“From a financial standpoint, there’s some issues that they’re making good on,” Pittfield said. “We go year by year with them.”

The township recently extended the agreement with Guttenberg for another year this past July. And the township continues to share services with its smaller neighbor, having entered into an agreement for vehicle lights and siren systems, that will likely be used on EMS vehicles including ambulances, at the board’s Nov. 10 meeting.

Additionally, North Bergen also has a Shared Services Agreement with Guttenberg for Licensed Health Officer and Registered Environmental Health Specialist, various Department of Public Works Services, and the maintenance of Waterfront Park, among other services.

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