Open Letter to Mayor and Hoboken City Council


Dear Editor:

Dear Mayor Bhalla and the Hoboken City Council:

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We are writing to share our concerns about the City’s Cannabis Plan as currently outlined. While we acknowledge that the original Plan was carried by a significant margin in a well-publicized, city wide vote, it has become fairly apparent that the public, and perhaps members of the Administration and Council, had not fully considered all the “what ifs” before the votes were tallied. It has also become fairly apparent that a reasonable portion of the public, the people who live and work here, are asking that, given what we now know, the results be in some way re-visited.

The notion of legally selling Cannabis is new to most of us, and we were destined to make some mistakes along the way. We (somewhat) understand the legalities and perceptions surrounding this issue, however we also believe that the plan as currently constructed will prove detrimental to the quality of life for Hoboken residents.

Acknowledging that the Council has recently adopted some new Cannabis related guidelines, the question, for us, remains – have we gone far enough? Six dispensaries still seems like too many in a one square mile zone and the potential for three in any single ward is alarming. The “re-districting/designation” of the old Hudson Tavern space that allows for Cannabis distribution in what is clearly a heavily residential zone is of particular concern to us. Finally, the Blue Violet dispensary on Washington St. appears to be less than six hundred feet from the entrance to the All Saints Elementary School and the Hoboken Charter School – has the distance been verified?

Bob Conrad and Debbie Jacobus