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Ashe-Nadrowski lays out plan to address Bayonne’s schools issues

The Bayonne City Council President and mayoral candidate is outlining a different aspect of her campaign platform each week

Bayonne High School, photo courtesy of Ashe-Nadrowski campaign.

City Council President and mayoral candidate Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski has released her team’s plans to address “Schools” issues in Bayonne.

“As ‘Solution Sunday’ continues week after week, residents get a greater understanding of what my administration will do to address issues that matter to them, and those that we face as a community in Bayonne today,” said Ashe-Nadrowski.

The move is part of her “Solution Sunday” series, where Ashe-Nadrowski proposes different solutions to problems Bayonne faces ahead of the May 10 municipal election. The Sunday, April 17 iteration of this was about “Schools” issues.

“One of the most valuable things to a community is its school system. In fact, when people look to invest in a neighborhood – be it with a small business or a new home – they often look to the quality and integrity of the local school system before doing any further research or engaging in personal negotiations,” she said.

“In Bayonne’s case, while the Mayor and the City government more broadly cannot, and does not directly oversee the operations of the Bayonne School District, there are a few things that the City can do to help ensure the District remains in the best position to instill a quality education for our children, and maximize overall community value.”

Advocating for new schools and renovations

Ashe-Nadrowski said that it’s important to consider schools when addressing redevelopment.

“Last week I mentioned that there needs to be a voice in the room that puts Bayonne’s needs first. The reality is that Bayonne’s needs include school funding – Funding for the schools we have, and funding for the schools we need.

According to Ashe-Nadrowski, she would ensure redevelopers contribute to school renovations or the construction of new facilities.

“Under a Nadrowski administration this means negotiating PILOT agreements and advocating for off-site infrastructure improvements to build new schools and improve the ones that are currently beyond their useful life,” she said. “This is not only what teachers, staff, and students need; it’s what the hardworking taxpayers of Bayonne deserve as well. Local taxpayers shouldn’t shoulder this burden alone. We should look to the new stressors on our education system for equitable relief to the issues that face us today – including our aging and inadequate school facilities.”

Open lines of communication with BBOE

Ashe-Nadrowski also stressed the need for more cooperation between the city and the Bayonne Board of Education.

“The Bayonne Board of Education and the City of Bayonne’s Governing Body are two autonomous entities,” she said. “They stand on their own, but they should never stand alone. Over the past four years in particular, the lack of communication between the City Administration and the School District has been problematic.”

Per her plan, Ashe-Nadrowski is calling for a number of public meetings between the two entities throughout the year.

“Under a Nadrowski administration the City would take a different approach to its relationship with the School District,” she said. “The City and the District are two halves of the whole community, and we should start acting that way. My proposal is to have public meetings several times throughout each year.”

According to Ashe-Nadrowski, these meetings will include the Mayor, members of Bayonne City Council, and members of the Bayonne Board of Education, with the goal of sharing information, ideas, and priorities.

“There may be situations where the City can help the School District with resources, funding, and planning – but we’ll never know if we don’t communicate,” she said. “That’s a tragedy that can be easily prevented with open communication. Meetings and regular conversations like these are not designed to dictate policy or usurp authority; rather, they are intended to help share ideas and establish an open, transparent, and respectful platform for communication.”

‘Solution Sunday’ series continues

Every Sunday from now, until Election Day on May 10, the Nadrowski Campaign said it is going to propose concrete solutions to the problems facing Bayonne. Previous installments of the campaign’s “Solution Sunday” series include: “Open and Transparent Government,” “Redevelopment,” “Quality of Life,” and “Affordability.”

Ashe-Nadrowski and her council slate will face off against incumbent Mayor James Davis and his slate, and mayoral candidate Dr. Mitchell Brown on May 10.

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