Music, fun, food and more return in 2022 with Bayonne Hometown Fair

The fair helped kick off the summer in the heart of the city

The 2022 Bayonne Hometown Fair was the perfect start to the summer in the city on Saturday, June 4, and Sunday, June 5.

The annual event on Broadway was timely, now that the heat has arrived for the season. This was the sixth fair in its current format, with The Hometown Fair Association being the organizer of the event.

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The fair is a classic event which ended in 2000. However, Mayor James Davis resurrected the fair in 2015 after local business owner Carissa Golomb after launched online petitions calling for the reinstatement of the fair.

The event did not take place in 2020 or 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the state of the virus in the city remains stable enough for events such as this and the Bayonne Food Truck Festival to make a big comeback in 2022 for the first time since 2019.

The fair from 21st Street to 26th Street on Broadway saw many residents or all ages and creeds come out to enjoy the local offerings, with a brief opening ceremony by city officials on June 4. Kids, adults, seniors, families, and more enjoyed the numerous vendors, food, refreshments, activities, music, and even some rides.

The live music was one highlight of the fair, as a variety of musicians and other entertainers performed on stages. There were two stages: a main stage and a community stage.

Those in attendance enjoyed the many musical performances and other entertainment at the fair’s main stage.

The community stage was set up on Broadway between 22nd Street and 22nd Street. The performance space was set up on the east side of the street and saw a variety of performances, from vocal acts, to self-defense demonstrations, or just kids dancing.

A self-defense crash course for kids is given on the community stage at the 2022 Bayonne Hometown Fair.

The main stage was on West 23rd Street between Broadway and DelMonte Drive, where a wide array of musicians performed, from local R&B performer Alaura Lovelight to the Bayonne Interfaith Choir, and many more. Music lovers danced to the good tunes that provided a nice ambiance for the day.

From jewelry to candles, and toys to plants, there was plenty of vendors to shop around from at this year’s fair.

Vendors and organizations also took part in the fair, with tables along Broadway from 22nd Street to 25th Street, from Kandles by Kas to TrueAscend. The tables will feature merchandise, information about community organizations, and give-aways of various promotional items.

There were plenty of shopping opportunities at the fair for everyone in the family.

There were also plenty of food and refreshment vendors, such as food trucks Sausage Burger and House of Cupcakes. The fair hosted an array of tasty opportunities to grab a bite to eat, as well as a wine and beer garden for adults.

Drip Gelato and Cafe’s mojito was perfect to cool off while walking down Broadway and enjoying the Bayonne Hometown Fair.

One highlight of the fair’s refreshment offerings was Drip Gelato and Cafe. Their cool and refreshing gelato, smoothies, and other treats provided relief from the sunny day.

Drip Gelato also offers regular gelato treats in addition to the boozy concoctions for adults.

And you can’t forget about zeppoles, this time with offerings from the Sicilian Citizens’ Club and Capizzi Zeppoles. The food selections were almost as numerous as the food truck festival, and just as delicious.

Not only were there zeppoles from the Sicilian Citizens’ Club at the fair, there was a second vendor frying up the doughy treat, with other sweets available too.

There were plenty opportunities for children at the fair. From areas to make arts and crafts, to playing games like jenga, children could take advantage of a wide array of fun.

There were spaces for children to express their creativity while staying cool under the shade at the 2022 Bayonne Hometown Fair.

Inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses and other rides were available for children thanks to the Bayonne Urban Enterprise Zone. The entertainment opportunities lined Broadway from 25th to 26th Street.

A child climbs one of the bounce obstacle courses set up on Broadway.

In addition to the rides and games, children and adults alike were treated to demonstrations by the Bayonne Fire Department. Some kids even had fun posing for a photo inside some of the fire trucks at the fair.

Children posed in IMTT-Bayonne fire trucks parked near the firefighters tent at the fair on Broadway.

There was a heavy police and fire presence at the event. Residents talked cordially with local law enforcement, even trying on some SWAT gear and posing for pictures with officers.

Residents chatted and laughed with members of the Hudson County Sheriff’s Department.

The Broadway-based event in the heart of the city made a solid comeback after being cancelled due to COVID-19. It was a much needed festive celebration to kick off the summer, with many more events planned for the coming months.

The Bayonne Hometown Fair was a much needed celebration as the city prepares for the first summer free of COVID-19 restrictions in some years.

With the 2022 Bayonne Hometown Fair being an absolute blast, it’s hard to imagine anyone leaving the fair without a smile on their face.

A mother and her child leave the fair in high spirits.

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