When I Grow Up

Dear Editor:

At age 5, I was asked what I want to be when I grow up? At 50, I now have the answer.
I want to be a Light Bearer who can recreate Nicola Tesla’s Medical Technology while eradicating the poison that is fluoride, which destroys our immune systems over time while causing harm to our vital pineal gland.

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I want a good version of universal basic income for all with blockchain voting that is fool proof using no machines. At all.

I want free Nicola Tesla energy and internet that provides communications that pass through the ether.

I want to say bye bye to 5G, EMF and WiFi combined with a financial methodology backed by precious metals, ending inflation with sound money. I want to cancel out income tax and tax only non essential new items equal to the tip I usually pay a waiter.

I want no more world war and for the release of all the technology hidden from us for the past 70 years while opening up the secret gold reserves that we know exist, so we can help human beings. I want to enter a brave new 5th dimension with blockchain education, healing and nutrition. I want a decentralized free restored republic by way of the constitution, controlled by those same human beings.

I want peace and prosperity on earth transitioning from 1,00 years of darkness to a bazillion years of light. I want to end poverty, hunger and debt through peace on earth for all. I want the respectful and caring joy of unity for this sacred planet called mother earth, making way for a golden age beyond our wildest expectation.

James Francis Waddleton

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