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Amy DeGise Should Step Down

Amy DeGise should vacate her position on the council

Dear Editor:

Amy DeGise should resign from her elected position on Jersey City’s Council while she still possesses a modicum of credibility. DeGise’s credibility – her trustworthiness as an elected official – will continue to decrease exponentially the longer she holds on to her “At Large” council seat.

Public office is a public trust! There is no greater betrayal than that of the public trust. Amy DeGise clearly violated that trust when she decided to continue driving her SUV after hitting a bicyclist. A review of the video clearly shows that Amy DeGise left the scene of the accident, a “hit-and-run” incident, after striking a bicyclist.

I doubt that anyone would disagree that DeGise should have demonstrated sound judgment on July 19. Instead of fleeing the scene of her accident, she should have stopped and rendered assistance. Instead, Amy DeGise exhibited extremely poor judgment when she struck the bicyclist, left the scene of the accident, and failed to file a police report in a timely manner. Even Mayor Fulop denounced Amy DeGise’s actions as a “tremendous mistake.”

Regardless of the outcome from the legal proceedings in this serious matter, DeGise’s reckless, irresponsible actions on July 19 are an embarrassment to the administration and the city’s council. The dark, dubious cloud of suspicion and uncertainty will hang over DeGise’s head for as long as she remains on the council. Amy DeGise’s thoughtless actions adversely impact the entire council. Constituents will get the idea that elected officials act as if they are above the law. And that is the wrong message!

Amy DeGise should be held accountable and take full responsibility for her imprudent actions. Specifically, she should step down from the city council – effective immediately.

John Di Genio

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