He Ran the Red Light, Not Her

Dear Editor:

When I watched the video of the accident involving Councilwoman Amy Degise and a bicyclist, I got flashbacks of the time a speeding bike came inches from slamming my automobile at a high speed, while pulling out of a Hudson County supermarket. A few more inches and he would have been dead; speedo shorts, fid bit, helmet and all. Yep, he almost hit my automobile just like the bicyclist was the one that hit Amy Degise.

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The CCTV Video Cameras show proof that the cyclist ran the red light which is against the law, at the intersection of MLK Drive & Forrest Street, striking the vehicle with force.

My opinion is that so many of the bike riders are guilty of this infraction, it’s impossible to count them. We just Thank God that nobody was killed this time. Evidence proves that the bike hit the car at a high speed after running that very red light. My view is that it was not a hit & run crash because she reported it to police. It fact, it was her who was hit. I’m sure she panicked confusingly as any motorist would. Being a council woman doesn’t make her any less human.

Any calls for her to resign because of this incident are ill mannered political grand standing. Remember, running a red light is illegal. Fortunately for Amy, she was not the one who ran the red light. Indeed, the cyclist is the one who should be forgiven and will have his day in court. He is as human as her.

Any attempt to recall her with a few hundred signatures won’t be helpful either. The full video is proof of the most critical evidence. He ran the red light, not her.

James Francis Waddleton

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