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Courage, Devotion, Readiness, Valor


Dear Editor:

Every morning, I walk Lincoln Park past the fireman monument. The front reads “Courage.” Today, I walked around it noticing three other words: Devotion, Readiness, Valor.
In the craziest times in memory, courage is key. To survive, pray for strength to fight name stealers who own everything needed, planning control through nefarious action. They menace and dismay.

Seek courage to fight evil spirits, spewing falsehoods and trickery. Struggle onward to ward off the psychopath overlords.

Devotion is Divine. By nature, the Soul is devoted to Creator, Family & Sovereignty. Humans have a crown that shines consciousness. We know what’s good and bad through intuition. Be devoted to goodness which is godliness.

Readiness brings protection. We owe that to our elderly and children, specifically the babies. Reading is part of readiness. To acquire knowledge, read outside a comfort zone. From a 3D perspective there’s a notion to know thy enemy. Liberals can read the conservative view, conservatives can read a liberal take on things. It’s smart for both to follow alternative information. Be ready or be wrung.

Lastly is Valor. With Valor comes Victory by way of fearlessness and bravery. Valor is a gift from the Almighty. During battle, call upon the boldness of the Holy Spirit. The root of valor come from Heart.

While the first three rely on the mind, valor requires opening up our heart for the benefit of all, specifically, the babies.

Next time your down Lincoln Park, take notice to what that fireman is holding on to.

James Francis Waddleton

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