Trump The King Saul?

Dear Editor:

I have not read such nonsensical hogwash like Mr. Shinoskey’s King Saul letter in a long time.

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President Trump did not set up a different form of government. President Trump is a strict constitutionalist. If anything he subjected the executive branch back to the strict rule of the constitution. Executive Orders of his predecessor, President Obama, could only be reversed by Executive Orders. That is not setting up a new form of government. People who engage in politics for the primary purpose of POWER, as Mr. Sinoskey accuses President Trump’s motivation, gain that power for personal enrichment.

Yet, like Republican President Herbert Hoover, who was also demonized as a very rich villain in his own time, President Trump only accepted $1.00 per year compensation rather than the now about $450,000.00 per year that both Presidents Obama and Biden receive. And actually this presidency cost Mr. Trump several millions of his own wealth. You can research that on the internet. If anything, this presidency was a losing proposition for Mr. Trump.

So how can Mr. Shinoskey possibly compare President Trump to a power hungry, self serving King Saul? And what is even more disappointing is that, if I remember correctly, Mr. history teacher Shinoskey does not understand Roman history. He induces a comparison of President Trump with Julius Cesar. In Rome there were two opposing factions struggling against each other, the Rationalists and the Populists. Compared to today’s terms the Rationalists are the Conservatives, Republicans in the US, and the Populists are the Left Liberal Socialists, Democrats in the US. Julius Cesar was a populist. His main adversary in the Roman Senate was Cicero, the leader of the Rationalists. After Julius Cesar became dictator, the sole ruler, he had Cicero executed.

Today we no longer need to physically execute adversaries, we can turn people into living dead, Zombies, via The Media! And who is being destroyed by The Media today? I leave the answer up the still thinking citizens.

Alexander Schenk

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