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Changes to sidewalk coming in front of BayOne

Bayonne inks encroachment agreement for vestibules in the right-of-way

The sidewalk in front of BayOne at 957 Broadway will see a vestibule added in front of the two entrances. Image via Google Maps.

Bayonne has inked an agreement allowing changes to the sidewalk in front of the BayOne mixed-use residential and commercial redevelopment at 957 Broadway.

Topping out at 10 stories, the redevelopment project was the first initiated by the Mayor James Davis Administration to come to fruition. The building was completed and opened in 2020 at the site of the former Resnick’s Hardware and Garden Center.

Now, some changes are being made to the sidewalk and area in front of the building along Broadway. At its September meeting, the City Council adopted an ordinance approving an encroachment agreement between 957 Broadway Urban Renewal, LLC for an encroachment of proposed vestibules associated with the restaurant located there.

In response to resident questions about what the agreement would entail, City Council President Gary La Pelusa explained the changes. He said they were related to the entrances of the building, specifically the ground-floor commercial space.

“There are two entrances on Broadway for this building at 957 Broadway,” La Pelusa said. “The proposed vestibules will be built around the doorways. They will go into to the right-of-way three feet, as they’re already set back five feet.

La Pelusa said the vestibules will be constructed around the entrances, but will leave enough room for pedestrians to walk by. He said he measured it himself.

“I measured it,” La Pelusa said. “It should have eight feet of clearance for people to walk between the bench where it exists now and the doorway vestibule.”

“It’s not going to impact the pedestrians walking or anything like that?,” former city employee and outspoken resident Gail Godesky asked.

“No I’ve measured it to make sure that they got enough room,” La Pelusa said. “I asked them to move the bench. The bench is four feet away form the curb. I asked them to move the bench up one foot, which would give them an additional foot to make it easy. And I measure it with measuring tape myself.”

Godesky also took issue with the way the curbs and sidewalks were redone in front of the property.

“They way they pushed the concrete out is a traffic hazard. We all know that. It’s really too wide. Even Lance [Lucarelli] thinks it could be a little shorter.”

The conversation ended after that exchange. Subsequently, the ordinance was unanimously approved by the council at the September meeting after being introduced in August.

The City Council will meet again on October 19 at 7 p.m. in the council chambers at City Hall at 630 Avenue C. For more information, go to bayonnenj.org.

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