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Solo Exhibition at the Centro Cultural William V. Musto, Union City

A solo exhibition of paintings by Elena Samarsky is now underway at the Centro Cultural William V. Musto, Union City.

With the support from the Major P.Stack and the Board of commissioners, the Centro Cultural William V. Musto provides the space for emerging artists to showcase their art.

The current exhibition comprises of 32 pieces by Elena Samarsky, an abstract expressionist painter. The exhibition runs from the 17th of January until the 7th of February.

In this solo exhibition Elena Samarsky presents a collection of paintings that document her emotional journey in recent years. By using vibrant colors, expressive strokes and layers of texture the artist lures viewers into the private world of emotions and desires.

Going on the journey from excitement to disturbances, the color palette of each art piece invites interpretations and self-reflection.

For more information on the artist see https://www.instagram.com/lensamarsky.art/