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Stevens Alumna Releases Debut Indie-Pop Album

Album artwork for Dillon's debut album, Perspective.

A new album created by Stevens Institute of Technology alumna and independent singer-songwriter, Kiera Dillon, titled “Perspective,” released on January 1, explores themes of nostalgia, emotional acceptance and isolation — topics that Dillon conceptualized long before the pandemic derailed plans for her debut indie-pop album.

Less than two weeks after the album’s release, “Perspective” had already garnered more than 5,000 streams with praise from indie music blogs For the Punks, Untold Music and Rock & Roamer (links below).

Throughout 2020, projections for the music and entertainment industries have been bleak. This experience has been no different for Dillon who was preparing to record the album in her final days as a music and technology student at Stevens. Practically overnight, her access to collaborators and thousands of dollars of studio equipment was stripped away when universities chose to shut down to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

She then headed home to suburban Pennsylvania to complete the album with only a microphone and pair of speakers, taking her back to where she first felt inspired as a young musician.

Using the backdrop of 2020’s crises to better understand her own growth and change as an artist, “Perspective” serves as a time capsule of this period in Dillon’s life while touching on the roots and challenges that many young people have related to during this unimaginable year. The album’s 2021 release represents this connection between progress and unexpected circumstances.

Relevant links
Kiera Dillon: https://www.facebook.com/kieraoke98
The album: https://bit.ly/2KP7Rlu


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