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Ras Baraka’s Governorship Ambition: A New Chapter for New Jersey

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka has expressed his desire to run for Governor of New Jersey, marking a significant moment in the state’s political scene.

Key Takeaways
  • Newark Mayor Ras Baraka has indicated his desire to run for Governor of New Jersey, adding excitement to the upcoming gubernatorial race.
  • Baraka joins a growing list of potential candidates for the gubernatorial race scheduled for November 2025, promising a highly competitive campaign season.
  • Known for his successful leadership in Newark, Baraka’s entry could significantly impact New Jersey’s political landscape and future governance.

Ras Baraka’s Intent to Run for Governor of New Jersey

Ras Baraka, the Mayor of Newark, has expressed his desire to run for the position of Governor of New Jersey. This announcement is not formal yet but was conveyed during a speech at an event, marking a significant moment in New Jersey’s political landscape.

Ras Baraka’s Announcement

During an event held in Trenton, Ras Baraka made a statement that hinted at his ambition to become the next Governor of New Jersey. He stated, “I want to be the governor of the state of New Jersey.” which has stirred discussions and speculations about his potential candidacy. This declaration was made amidst a speech, indicating a strong intent but without the formality of an official campaign announcement.

The Race for Governor

Baraka’s expressed intent places him among the early figures indicating interest in the gubernatorial race. If he decides to run, he will join other prominent figures such as Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and former state Senate President Steve Sweeney. This election, scheduled for November 2025, is expected to be competitive, with several candidates expected to throw their hats into the ring.

U.S. Reps. Josh Gottheimer and Mikie Sherrill are also expected to consider entering the race, although their announcements will likely come after their congressional reelection bids this November??.

Baraka’s Political and Leadership Background

As the Mayor of Newark, Ras Baraka has been recognized for his successful leadership and the qualities he possesses that are essential for a chief executive. His potential candidacy is seen as a significant move, given his experience and the impact he has had on Newark’s development and governance. His leadership skills and political acumen are considered strong assets in a gubernatorial race?.

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