Bayonne Letters

It’s the 57th Anniversary of Federal Support for NJ public transit

Dear Editor: July, 2021 marks the 57th Anniversary of federal government support for public transportation. The success of public transportation can be traced back to...

Can The Sacred Riana Help the New York Yankees?

Dear Editor: My friend for half a century, Al Cupo, and I have been loyal, true blue Yankee fans since the 1960’s. Suffice it to...

The Christian church in the spotlight again

Dear Editor: The Christian church in the spotlight again The controversy in the Southern Baptist Convention over systemic racism (critical race theory) points to the politicized...

Lesson of the Korean War

Dear Editor: On July 27, 1953, some two years shy of seven decades ago, hostilities on the Korean peninsula was “suspended.” Technically speaking, since no...

Who will pay for potential Gateway Tunnel cost overruns?

Dear Editor: The Gateway Tunnel project is reminiscent of the ongoing New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority Long Island Rail Road Eastside Access to Grand Central...

Focus on the Positive Contributions that Italians Have Made in The World

Dear Editor: Over the years, I have written numerous letters to the local newspapers expressing my total disgust and anger over the media’s constant portrayal...

Need Details On Low-No Transit Program

Dear Editor: Re: "More Federal Transit Administration Funding," Larry Penner. The author omits a number of key details in his support of the "Low-NO" program. The...

More Federal Transit Administration funding for New Jersey Transit

Dear Editor: There is good news from Washington concerning continued federal support for transportation. New Jersey Transit is a direct recipient of Federal Transit Administration...

Mayor Davis’s 5G Comments

Dear Editor: I have to strongly dispute the comments made by Mayor Davis in his BCN article of June 17th. He stated, “the ordinance also...

Cancel Culture & George Orwell

Dear Editor: As tearing down monuments and statues, rewriting history and changing names of buildings named after historic figures, critical race theory, NY Times project...
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