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Trump Adopt’s Dr. Mengele’s Methods to Treat Coronavirus

Dear Editor: The President’s comments about ingesting or injecting household cleaning agents to kill the coronavirus are irresponsible. Of course, the President later recanted; he...

Only Elitists Support Mail-In Voting

Dear Editor: Why do Hollywood stars, i.e. Brad Pitt, Alec Baldwin, Chrissy Teigen, Robert DeNiro, etc.. and non-elected political figures like Michelle Obama feel such...

Let’s put 5G on the ballot and vote yes or no

Dear Editor: In England, Scotland, Netherlands, 5G towers are being vandalized, destroyed, and other European countries are protesting, pushing back against this dangerous new technology...

Rapid expansion of Covid 19 testing imperiled by Trump’s ego

Dear Editor: I am hoping the federal government will rapidly expand Covid 19 testing by leaps and bounds. I have emailed my Senators asking if...

Did We Learn Anything from the Past?

Dear Editor: George Santayana warned that if we fail to learn from the past, then we’re doomed to repeat it. April 28th marks the 75th anniversary...

Why does Bill Gates support the WHO?

Dear Editor: Why would a multi-billionaire, Bill Gates, support the World Health Organization's (WHO) conduct during this pandemic? The WHO falsely claimed that there was...

Your health, your park

Dear Editor: During this difficult time, think about how fortunate you are, not just to have your health, but also to have a nice park...

Too much power

Dear Editor: So, it’s OK to be on a crowded bus, train or subway car with poor circulation and close, cramped space, but it’s not...

Globalization Downside

Dear Editor: As China tries to lie and manipulate the truth and worm themselves out of their direct involvement in the origins of the Wuhan...

“And in the End. . .”

Dear Editor: In his classic song, “American Pie,” Don McLean sang about “the day the music died.” To many, the music died some 50 years...
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