Bayonne Letters

Renters of this planet

To the Editor: After seeing what transpired on the night of March 6 in the Bayonne High School auditorium, I am not proud to live...

What is city hall doing?

To the Editor: I am writing this letter because I am quite disturbed about what I have been witnessing for quite some time. I am...

In response to Councilman Perez

To the Editor: I would like to inform those who read Councilman Juan Perez’s letter in the March 22, 2017 edition, that the letter was...

Great leaders

To the Editor: Leaders are people who lead a group, but what makes a great leader is the ability to inspire. Great leaders work intrinsically...

Thanks for a lovely St. Patrick’s Day party

To the Editor: The annual St. Patrick's Day party, hosted by the 56th Street Senior Center, was a little late this year. Snow, sleet...

Time for a new civic league in Bayonne

To the Editor: Do you feel that we can do better when it comes to the wellbeing and future of Bayonne? We expect the best...

Heartfelt gratitude

To the Editor: I would like to thank Lou Senerchia and his wonderful staff for their kind manner that they convey every time I go...

Retire, resign and relocate

To the Editor: To the vast majority of your readers (thank your teachers), the mention of the "3Rs" brings to mind the areas of "Reading,...

Reflection Sisters of Saint Joseph bid farewell to Bayonne

To the Editor: None of the changes in the City of Bayonne in my lifetime were as heartfelt as the closing of the convents of...

Our love and respect for the United States of America and all of its...

To the Editor: First and foremost I must state that I am extremely proud to be an American and cherish all of the ideas and...
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