Hoboken Letters

Keep Those Letters Coming…

Dear Editor: Congratulations to my fellow 2021 Letter to the Editor writers. Surveys reveal that "Letters To The Editor" is one of the most widely...

Keep Christmas Decorations Up Until Epiphany

Dear Editor: As we approach the end of this Holiday season, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss a couple of thoughts that...

More heroes than we thought

Dear Editor: It has taken post-World War II America a long time to figure out that police, firefighters, and the military are not the only...

Kwanzaa Guides Us to End Intolerance

Dear Editor: The stench of violence, bigotry, and hatred has surfaced at a high school within Jersey City. Suffice it to say, this episode has...

Merry Christmas

Dear Editor: I have firmly believed that the Christmas season ushered in a period of joy, harmony and celebration. The Yuletide spirit had brought people...

Why I’m Voting “Yes” to the 1/25 Hoboken High School Referendum

Dear Editor: Hoboken has to be grateful for having a visionary at the helm of its public schooling system. Hoboken’s Public School District Superintendent, Dr....

“And so this is Christmas”?

Dear Editor: We come to a holiday season plagued by the virus. People are frustrated; they sneer and snarl at each other. Disdainful remarks replace cheerful...

The Superintendent of Hoboken Public Schools Deserves Your Respect

Dear Editor: Maureen Sullivan’s recent letter to the editor is nothing more than an attempt to perpetuate anger and instill mistrust about the Hoboken Schools...

Hoboken Uses Fake Numbers To Push for a High School Palace

Dear Editor: How can we trust Hoboken Schools Superintendent Christine Johnson to build a high school costing a third of a billion dollars (including interest)...

Are PFAS too high in Hoboken’s drinking water?

Dear Editor: Are PFAS too high in Hoboken's drinking water? The Consumer Confidence Report for Hoboken's water on mysuezwater.com says PFOS varied from 5.82 to...
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