Hoboken Letters

Urges public to support Rebuild By Design

Dear Editor: I just wanted to take a moment to applaud Mayor Zimmer, her staff and other private and government organizations on the hard and...

Thank you for voting in support of park in Southwest Hoboken

Dear Editor: Thank you Council members for voting in support of a much needed resiliency park in Southwest Hoboken which will increase green space...

The U.S.A. is not a fascist country

Dear Editor: Before and after President Trump became our president, in some segments of the country I saw media images of some protesters with signs...

Zimmer, Trump, and the future of flood control

Dear Editor: Our mayor has a fondness for the Rebuild By Design program which I agree, if implemented, represents Hoboken’s best opportunity to safeguard ourselves...

Is Hoboken a sanctuary city–or isn’t it?

Dear Editor: Is Hoboken a sanctuary city--or isn't it? You would think that the answer to this question. would be clear and transparent. In a...

On education, media, and the future of democracy

Dear Editor: There’s a little known thinking crisis going on in our country. Sometimes called the “dumbing down of America,” it began roughly in...

Fight the Donald, locally

Dear Editor: Many wonder how they can voice their anger at Donald Trump, his policies, and make lasting positive change. While voters in other states...

We’re better than the bullying and hate we’re seeing now

Dear Editor: “Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.”- Pastor M. Niemoller when those that have,...

Annual salute celebrating Frank Sinatra’s birthday

Dear Editor: For the December 11 edition my annual salute celebrating Frank Sinatra's birthday December 12th continues. His legions of fans include Peggy King and...

A little less soul in Hoboken

Dear Editor: As the world continues on its ever-changing trajectory, we are forced to adapt to some painful, unavoidable events. Sada Fretz, an ardent Hoboken...
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