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Report North Bergen Abuse to the NJ Attorney General

Dear Editor: How is it that after voters approved a $65 million school bond in a special referendum that officials PROMISED BEFOREHAND would end overcrowding...

The Priest of All Priests

Dear Editor: It is a shame that the Holy Rosary Feast has been cancelled this year. The feast would have been the perfect opportunity to...

Protest the destruction of Braddock Park

Dear Editor: The baseball fields in Braddock Park, on Riverview Drive near Boulevard East, are having their natural grass removed, and reliable information says that...

Portland Riots

Dear Editor: It is unsettling to watch these spoiled, rich, arrogant, ignorant brats defacing, rioting, looting and destroying property in Portland for no purpose other...

Response To Bernie Schmernie

Dear Editor: First and foremost the response to my letter concerning Bernie Sanders was a great critique that previously I have considered and duly appreciated....

A Wake-Up Call

Dear Editor: New Jersey is now experiencing the beginning of another COVID surge, and yet countless people continue to stroll and jog around the lake...

Save Braddock Park

Dear Editor: In a special 2018 referendum, North Bergen voters approved a $60 Million bond which the Township sought to acquire the unused Hi-Tech school...

I Want Everyone To Be Able To Pay Their Bills

Dear Editor: In his book, "BIAS", former CBS news reporter Bernard Goldberg claims that there is a "liberal" bias in the national news media. He...

It is Either the Nuclear Arms Race or the Human Race

Dear Editor: Seventy-five years ago, on August 6 and August 9, the United States dropped atomic bombs on, respectively, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. President Harry Truman...


Dear Editor: Kena Dijiba has not one, but two Letters in the Reporter, the first explaining her defection from the Democrats, the second expressing her...
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