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Fools Divide Themselves by Race, Color, Gender, or Religion

Dear Editor: Supposedly, Nelson Mandela once said, "Our world is not divided by race, color, gender, or religion. Our world is divided into wise people and fools. And fools divide themselves by race, color, gender,...

8th Anniversary for the passing of Senator Frank Lautenberg

Dear Editor: June 3rd was the eighth anniversary for the passing of late Senator Frank Lautenberg who died in 2013. He served his nation proudly in World War II and went on to found Automatic...

The Tom Favia Memorial Gymnasium

Dear Editor: The Dante Alighieri Society firmly maintains that Tom Favia should be recognized for his significant contributions to scholastic sports and public education. Consequently, we would like the James J. Ferris High School gym...

She’s a Grand Old Flag

Dear Editor: June 14 is Flag Day, a day set aside to commemorate the adoption of the U.S. Flag. On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution which stated: β€œ. ....

Federal Funding for $11.6 Gateway Tunnel Not A Done Deal Without NY’s Support

Dear Editor: Advocates for the $11.6 billion Gateway Tunnel should be concerned by what New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said about Gateway this past Friday at an event concerning progress for the NYMTA Long Island...

The Lesson of Memorial Day

Dear Editor: The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separating North and South Korea reinforces the important lesson of Memorial Day: Freedom comes at a very high cost. The DMZ, the final frontier separating liberty from tyranny, serves...

Addio, Maestro

Dear Editor: On May 18, 2021, the world bid a fond farewell to Franco Battiato, singer-songwriter, composer, filmmaker, poet, philosopher, and artist; indeed, a true Renaissance Man. Franco Battiato’s songs focused on very esoteric, philosophical,...

How about Jersey City as site for an American National Theater?

Dear Editor: So sorry NYC and Washington D.C.β€”you didn’t β€œmake the cut” this time. As a descendent of Blanche Walsh, a former Queen of Broadway who created the idea of a national theater in 1895...

May 21st is National Waiter and Waitress Day

In these difficult economic times, it is especially important to patronize your favorite restaurants and honor the employees who make them a success.Β  Now that more of us have received our COVID-19 vaccine, why...

Don’t Trivialize Columbus

Dear Editor: The New York City Department of Education took a giant step backwards when it re-designated Columbus Day as β€œItalian Heritage Day/Indigenous Peoples Day.” This endeavor simply represents the latest effort to eliminate Columbus...
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