West NY Letters

The Eichmann Legacy

Dear Editor: Some 60 years ago, in May 1960, Mossad agents captured Otto Adolf Eichmann in Argentina. His capture, subsequent trail, and execution received wide...

Little Richard Embodied the True Spirit of Rock and Roll

Dear Editor: On May 9, 2020, the world lost a true music legend, a rock and roll hero. Richard Wayne Penniman, affectionately known as Little...

Hoboken, don’t wear masks!

Dear Editor: Timothy Karr (Hoboken, where are your masks? Reporter, May 4) complains that "white collar" Hobokenites have a "sense of entitlement" which is "not...

Symposia Bookstore: Standing in Gratitude and Hope

Dear Editor: The Symposia Bookstore and Community Center in Hoboken, located on its busy main drag, 510 Washington Street, is a public benefit non-profit corporation....


Dear Editor: 20 years ago, North Bergen took away part of Hudson County’s Braddock Park when it illegally placed its trailer preschool (aka as TCUs/Temporary...

Trump Adopt’s Dr. Mengele’s Methods to Treat Coronavirus

Dear Editor: The President’s comments about ingesting or injecting household cleaning agents to kill the coronavirus are irresponsible. Of course, the President later recanted; he...

Only Elitists Support Mail-In Voting

Dear Editor: Why do Hollywood stars, i.e. Brad Pitt, Alec Baldwin, Chrissy Teigen, Robert DeNiro, etc.. and non-elected political figures like Michelle Obama feel such...

Let’s put 5G on the ballot and vote yes or no

Dear Editor: In England, Scotland, Netherlands, 5G towers are being vandalized, destroyed, and other European countries are protesting, pushing back against this dangerous new technology...

Rapid expansion of Covid 19 testing imperiled by Trump’s ego

Dear Editor: I am hoping the federal government will rapidly expand Covid 19 testing by leaps and bounds. I have emailed my Senators asking if...

Did We Learn Anything from the Past?

Dear Editor: George Santayana warned that if we fail to learn from the past, then we’re doomed to repeat it. April 28th marks the 75th anniversary...
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